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  • What is a condensing boiler?

    Condensing boilers use heat from exhaust gases that would normally be released into the atmosphere through the flue. To use this latent heat, the water vapour from the exhaust gas is turned into liquid condensate.

    In order to make the most of the latent heat within the condensate, condensing boilers use a larger heat exchanger, or sometimes a secondary heat exchanger.

    Due to this process, a condensing boiler is able to extract more heat from the fuel it uses than a standard efficiency boiler. It also means that less heat is lost through the flue gases.


    What is a Combi boiler?

    This is short for combination boiler. This is a boiler that heats hot water and central heating, all within the same unit. Meaning there is no need for any water tanks or storage, so it saves space within a property. It also saves on costs of heating large quantities of water as it heats water only on demand.


    What is a regular boiler?

    This typically forms part of a conventional heating system, and is linked to a series of water tanks that feed the boiler and radiators. Storing hot water is key to this system, so unlike a combi, a plentiful supply of hot water is always available. Space in the loft and airing cupboard is required for tanks

    What is a system boiler ?

    Like a regular system, this uses stored hot water. But because the water is pumped from the boiler straight to the radiators and hot water tank, it is  a faster, more economical system. Many of the components are built into the boiler making it easier and cheaper to install.


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